Greninja Strategy and Moves Guide for Pokemon Unite

Greninja Strategy and Moves Guide for Pokemon Unite

Greninja stands as one of the most versatile and dynamic choices for players in “Pokémon Unite,” the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that brings together Pokémon fans for team-based battles. This Water-type Pokémon, evolving from Froakie, has garnered a reputation for its agility, high damage output, and the ability to adapt to various roles on the battlefield, making it a formidable opponent when utilized effectively. This guide will delve into effective strategies, optimal movesets, and tips to help players maximize Greninja’s potential in “Pokémon Unite.”

Understanding Greninja’s Role

Greninja’s classification in “Pokémon Unite” can be somewhat fluid; it excels in roles ranging from an attacker to an elusive scorer, capable of executing swift hit-and-run tactics. Its high mobility and burst damage output enable it to take down opponents quickly or escape from unfavorable encounters. Understanding its role is pivotal in applying the right strategies and moves to dominate the battlefield.

Early Game Tactics

At the start of a match, Greninja begins as Froakie. Players should focus on farming wild Pokémon to level up quickly, aiming to evolve into Frogadier and then Greninja as swiftly as possible. Securing experience points (XP) early on is crucial for Greninja to become a significant threat to the opposing team.

Optimal Moves Selection

When Greninja reaches its final form, players can choose between two sets of moves, each catering to different play styles:

Water Shuriken: This move hurls multiple water shurikens at opponents, dealing damage and restoring Greninja’s HP based on the damage dealt. It’s excellent for players who prefer a hit-and-run approach, allowing Greninja to maintain its health while dishing out damage.

Surf: A versatile move that damages and displaces enemies. It’s particularly effective in team fights or when you need to interrupt the positioning of enemy Pokémon. Surf also grants a temporary shield, enhancing Greninja’s survivability in skirmishes.

Double Team: Creates illusions of Greninja, increasing its evasiveness. This move is perfect for confusing opponents and escaping tight situations or setting up ambushes.

Smokescreen: Offers both offensive and defensive capabilities, reducing Greninja’s hitbox visibility and increasing its movement speed, making it harder for enemies to target and hit Greninja.

Ultimate Move: Waterburst Shuriken

Greninja’s Unite Move, “Waterburst Shuriken,” throws a giant water shuriken at the ground, dealing massive AoE (Area of Effect) damage and decreasing the movement speed of enemies hit. It’s a game-changer in team fights, capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor. Timing and positioning are key to maximizing its impact.

General Strategy Tips

Map Awareness: Keep an eye on the mini-map to spot opportunities for ganks or to aid teammates in distress. Greninja’s mobility allows it to quickly traverse the map and make impactful plays.

Score Wisely: Take advantage of Greninja’s speed to score points in enemy goals when it’s safe to do so. However, prioritize not getting caught over scoring, as getting defeated carries a higher penalty.

Know When to Retreat: Greninja’s strength lies in its agility and burst damage, not in prolonged fights. Engage when you have a clear advantage, and don’t hesitate to use moves like Double Team or Smokescreen to escape when outnumbered.

Greninja’s versatility and high skill ceiling make it a rewarding choice for players willing to master its nuances in “Pokémon Unite.” By focusing on leveling up quickly, selecting moves that complement your playstyle, and applying pressure across the map, Greninja can be a pivotal asset to any team. Remember, success with Greninja comes from understanding its capabilities, adapting to the flow of the match, and executing strategies with precision. With practice and strategic insight, Greninja can elevate any player’s game in “Pokémon Unite.”

Advanced Greninja Strategies

To elevate your Greninja gameplay in “Pokémon Unite” beyond the basics, it’s essential to integrate advanced strategies and nuanced understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here are additional insights to help you become a formidable Greninja player:

Positioning and Engagement

Flanking: Use Greninja’s mobility to your advantage by flanking opponents during team fights. This not only allows you to target the enemy team’s vulnerable backline but also diverts attention, creating openings for your teammates.

Engagement Timing: Engage in battles where you can make a significant impact. Greninja excels at cleaning up fights, so entering the fray after the initial exchange of abilities can be more beneficial, allowing you to take down weakened opponents.

Utilizing Terrain

Bushes and Visibility: Greninja’s abilities like Smokescreen and Double Team can be further enhanced by smart use of terrain, especially bushes.

Ambush unsuspecting enemies by hiding in bushes, then using your moves to confuse and eliminate them quickly.

Elevation Changes: Some areas of the map provide elevation changes that can be used to escape or initiate fights. Be aware of these areas and use them to your advantage, especially when trying to evade enemies with low mobility.

Team Play and Objective Control

Objective Prioritization: While Greninja is a potent scorer and fighter, remember the importance of Drednaw, Rotom, and Zapdos. Coordinate with your team to secure these objectives, as they can have a massive impact on the game’s outcome.

Supporting Teammates: Despite being an attacker, Greninja can play a crucial role in supporting teammates during skirmishes. Use Surf to disrupt enemy formations or Water Shuriken to provide sustained damage while teammates engage.


Choosing the right Held Items and Battle Items can significantly impact Greninja’s performance:

Held Items:

Muscle Band: Increases basic attack damage, which synergizes well with Greninja’s fast attack speed.

Focus Band: Provides survivability by restoring HP when Greninja’s HP goes low, allowing for riskier plays.

Buddy Barrier: Essential for team fights, granting a shield to you and the lowest HP ally during your Unite Move, enhancing both defense and offense.

Battle Item:

Eject Button: Offers an instant teleportation effect, which can be crucial for escaping tight situations or closing the gap to finish off an opponent.

Adapting to the Meta

The “Pokémon Unite” meta can shift with game updates, including balance changes and the introduction of new Pokémon. Stay informed about these changes and be ready to adapt your strategy and item choices accordingly. What works in one season might need tweaking in the next.

Continuous Learning

Lastly, the key to mastering Greninja—or any character in “Pokémon Unite”—is continuous learning and adaptation. Analyze your gameplay, learn from mistakes, and stay updated with the community for the latest strategies and tips. Watching high-level play can also provide insights into advanced tactics and decision-making processes.

Greninja’s versatility and challenging skill set offer a rewarding experience for players willing to dedicate time to mastering this Pokémon. By employing these advanced strategies, focusing on positioning, and adapting to the flow of the game, you can unleash Greninja’s full potential on the “Pokémon Unite” battlefield. Whether you’re weaving through team fights with precision, scoring critical points, or securing game-changing objectives, Greninja has the tools to make a decisive impact. Embrace the journey of becoming a Greninja master, and enjoy the dynamic and exhilarating gameplay it brings to “Pokémon Unite.”