How to Fly in Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition

How to Fly in Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft, a game that revolutionizes the way we think about virtual worlds, offers a plethora of activities and features. Among these, the ability to fly is a fascinating and practical aspect, especially useful in Creative mode or with the aid of cheats in Survival mode. This capability extends to both the standard Minecraft game and its mobile counterpart, Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). This article guides you through the steps and nuances of flying in these versions of Minecraft.

Flying in Minecraft (PC/Mac/Console)

Enabling Flying in Creative Mode:

Selecting the Game Mode: To fly in Minecraft, you need to start a game in Creative mode. You can set this mode when creating a new world or change an existing world to Creative mode using game commands.

Taking Off: Once in Creative mode, double-tap the spacebar to lift off the ground. Your character will start to float.

Navigating While in Flight: Use the regular movement keys (W, A, S, D on PC) to navigate through the air. The mouse controls your direction of flight.

Adjusting Altitude: To ascend, press and hold the spacebar. To descend, press and hold the Shift key (the default key for sneaking).

Landing: To land, simply descend to the ground and release the Shift key.

Flying in Survival Mode with Cheats:

Enabling Cheats: To fly in Survival mode, you must enable cheats when you create your world or in an existing world by opening it to LAN with cheats enabled.

Activating Flying: Press “/” to open the console, then type “/gamemode creative” to switch to Creative mode. Follow the steps from the Creative mode section to fly.

Returning to Survival Mode: Type “/gamemode survival” in the console to revert back to Survival mode.

Flying in Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Enabling Flying in Creative Mode:

Selecting Creative Mode: When creating a new world in Minecraft PE, select Creative mode. You can also change the mode in an existing world using the in-game settings.

Initiating Flight: Tap the jump button twice to start flying. In PE, the jump button is typically a circle with an arrow on the right side of the screen.

Controlling Flight: Use the directional pad for moving forward, backward, and sideways. Aim your flight direction by dragging your finger across the screen.

Managing Altitude: Tap and hold the jump button to ascend and the sneak button (above the jump button) to descend.

Landing: To land, simply lower yourself to the ground using the sneak button and stop pressing it once you land.

Flying in Survival Mode with Cheats:

Enabling Cheats: Cheats must be enabled in the world options when creating a world or from the game settings for existing worlds.

Activating Flight: Open the chat window by tapping the chat icon, type “/gamemode c”, and press the Enter key to switch to Creative mode. Follow the flying steps as in Creative mode.

Switching Back to Survival: Type “/gamemode s” in the chat and press Enter to return to Survival mode.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Flying:

Utilizing Flight for Building: Flying is incredibly useful for building large structures or for getting a bird’s-eye view of your creations.

Avoiding Damage: While flying, you are immune to fall damage in Creative mode. However, be cautious when switching back to Survival.

Exploration: Use flying to explore your Minecraft world from a unique perspective, discovering new terrains and structures easily.

Flying in Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition adds a dynamic and enjoyable element to the game. Whether you’re building, exploring, or just having fun, mastering the art of flight enhances your Minecraft experience. Remember, the sky is not the limit in Minecraft; it’s just another canvas for your creativity.

Advanced Flying Techniques in Minecraft

Beyond the basics, there are several advanced techniques and tips that can further enhance your flying experience in both Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Advanced Navigation:

Speed Control: In Creative mode, you can control your flying speed. Pressing the sprint key while flying will increase your speed, allowing for faster travel across your Minecraft world.

Precision Building: While flying, use the sneak key to hover and make precise movements. This is particularly useful when you are building complex structures or adding fine details.

Utilizing Elytra in Survival Mode:

In Survival mode, you can’t technically fly as you do in Creative mode, but you can glide using the Elytra, a special item found in End Cities.

Finding Elytra: Travel to the End and explore the End Cities to find Elytra. It’s typically located in an item frame in the treasure room of an End Ship.

Using Elytra: Equip the Elytra in your chestplate slot. To start gliding, jump off a high place and press the jump key while falling.

Controlling Glide: Use your direction keys to control your flight path. Aim upwards to go higher but be aware that you’ll slow down; aim downwards to gain speed.

Enhancements: Enchant your Elytra with Unbreaking and Mending enchantments for durability. Using fireworks while gliding boosts your speed and allows you to fly further.

Tips for Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Sensitivity Settings: Adjust the touch sensitivity in the settings for smoother control over your flight direction and speed.

Two-Handed Play: Use both hands for better control – one for navigation and the other for adjusting your altitude and viewing angle.

Creative Uses of Flying in Minecraft:

Cinematic Views: Use the flying ability to capture stunning screenshots or create cinematic views of your Minecraft projects.

Map Making: Flying can be a powerful tool for mapmakers, allowing them to easily create and modify large-scale maps.

Community Games: Create flying races or obstacle courses in the sky for community events.

Safety Precautions:

Beware of Hostile Mobs: In Survival mode, even though you can glide with Elytra, hostile mobs can still pose a threat, especially when landing.

Mind the Altitude: When using Elytra, watch out for your altitude to avoid a hard landing that could result in fall damage.

Flying in Minecraft, whether it’s leisurely gliding through the skies in Creative mode or soaring with Elytra in Survival, opens up a world of possibilities. It’s not just a means of transportation; it’s an avenue for creativity, exploration, and enjoyment. As you master these skills, you’ll find that the sky’s the limit in what you can achieve in the expansive world of Minecraft.

Integrating Flying into Minecraft Gameplay

Flying isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a tool that can deeply enhance your gameplay experience in various aspects of Minecraft. Here’s how you can integrate flying into different areas of your Minecraft adventure:

Exploration and Discovery:

Locating Biomes: Use flying to quickly locate different biomes and interesting geographical features. This is especially useful for players who are looking for specific resources or scenic locations for building projects.

Finding Structures: Flying high above the ground makes it easier to spot villages, temples, and other generated structures.

Building and Architecture:

Large-Scale Projects: For large-scale building projects, flying provides an invaluable perspective. It allows you to see the entire project from various angles, ensuring symmetry and consistency in design.

Landscaping and Terraforming: When working on landscaping projects, flying helps you visualize the area better and plan out large terraforming projects more efficiently.

Multiplayer Advantages:

Team Coordination: In multiplayer scenarios, players who can fly can scout ahead for their team, relaying information about the terrain, resources, or other teams’ whereabouts.

Event Hosting: For server administrators and event hosts, flying is a crucial tool for overseeing large multiplayer events, moderating player interactions, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Creative Expression:

Artistic Creations: Some players use flying to create massive artworks that can only be fully appreciated from high above. These could be pixel art or large-scale representations of characters and scenes.

Storytelling Elements: When creating adventure maps or storytelling elements, flying allows you to place items, blocks, and structures in hard-to-reach places, adding depth and complexity to your narratives.

Additional Tips for Efficient Flying:

Keyboard Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts for quick switching between flying and walking modes.

Night Vision: If you’re exploring dark areas or working at night, use the Night Vision potion to see clearly while flying.

Redstone Devices: Combine your flying ability with redstone devices to create impressive aerial contraptions, like flying machines or automated farms.

In Minecraft, the ability to fly transforms the way you interact with the game. It’s not just a fun mechanic; it’s a versatile tool that enhances exploration, building, multiplayer experiences, and creative expression. Whether you’re soaring across the skies in Creative mode or gliding through the landscapes with Elytra in Survival, the aerial perspective offers a new dimension of gameplay. Embrace the skies, and let your Minecraft adventures reach new heights!